Now offering Spravato for adults struggling with Treatment Resistant Depression!

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We all embark on our own, unique journey attempting to carve out a path that will bring us joy. However, there are times when that path leads us off the course of happiness and fulfillment and into the unknown. We know it feels daunting now but you have already taken the courageous step of seeking professional help for any challenges you may be experiencing and we are so glad you are here.

Here at Alma Wellness Associates, we will work with you to help you develop the strategies you need to rediscover what brings you joy and success in your life. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other mental health obstacles, together we will work to address the issues you are facing so that you may embark on a new path with confidence.

We will work closely to analyze what specific struggles you are facing, as well as their underlying causes, to tailor a psychiatry and therapy regimen specific to you. Contact Alma Wellness Associates today if you are ready to start working towards the life you want. Together, we can get you there.

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